Video transmitters

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See also: Video receivers

Frequencies[edit | edit source]

910 / 1.2 / 1.3[edit | edit source]


2.3[edit | edit source]

similar to 2.4 but gets its own section due to hardware differences

2.4[edit | edit source]

is great but crowded by noobs now due to recent immersionrc and tbs releases.

good TXs: (note: all of these are RichWave-based modulators!)

Mini 2.4g 200mW thing for $8 [1]

Mini 2.4g 500mW thing for $20 [2] (pretty much the same as Lawmate)

Boscam 2.4g 500mW excellent, 12V input, actually ~800mW and has 5v regulator on board

Lawmate 2.4g 500mW - ok but 5v only and requires mods

5.8[edit | edit source]

for noobs.

Digital (HD)[edit | edit source]