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Eagle Tree Vector[edit | edit source]

Eagle Tree Vector

Eagle Tree Vector is a combined flight controller (for multirotor and fixed wing) and a color OSD.

Vector BUS Protocol that is used between the units has been (partially) reverse-engineered.

Hardware[edit | edit source]

Main unit[edit | edit source]

Notable IC:s

  • PIC32MX695F512L (main CPU)
  • MPU6050 (I2C Gyro+Accel)
  • dsPIC33FJ16GS402 (OSD CPU, this part has it's marking scrathed out)
  • MAX4617 (8 input analog MUX, used for OSD)
  • (EL)1883SZ (video sync separator, used for OSD)
  • 25PX16 (SPI flash memory, datalogging?)
  • LMV324 (quad rail2rail opamp)


  • 4.000MHz (main CPU clock)
  • 3.579545 (NTSC)
  • 4.433619 (PAL)

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