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SimonK's firmware is an excellent addition to add to any ESC that will be used on a multirotor or fixed wing aircraft.

The main addition is the ability to support a higher refresh rate since the pulses are not averaged but rather 'sent to the motor' directly.

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Configurations[edit | edit source]

Note: Due to some current limitations in the firmware it is known that high KV motors on higher voltages can begin stuttering and losing power, the current work around is to adjust TIMING_MAX (as of June 17, 2015)'

  • Cobra
    • CM2204-2300kv 4S/3S :
      • Precompiled Firmware: Forward Reverse (COMP_PWM is enabled)
        • MOTOR_ADVANCE = 8
        • TIMING_MAX = 0x80
  • Sunny Sky
    • SS2204-2300kv 4S/3S:
      • Precompiled Firmware: Forward Reverse (COMP_PWM is enabled)
        • TIMING_MAX = 0x80