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Naze32 rev. 5
Full naze32, rev. 5

The Naze32 is a STM32 based flight controller created by timecop. The stock firmware is a port of MultiWii called Baseflight which has several forks.

There are two versions available: full and acro. Acro is a cheaper version that does not come with a barometer or a magnetometer/compass.

Accessories[edit | edit source]

  • GPS
  • OSD
  • Telemetry
    • FrSky
    • 3DR
    • OpenLRSng

Tutorials and Reference Guides[edit | edit source]

I/O[edit | edit source]

  • 6 + 8 PWM I/O can remap as input or output for RC/CPPM/Motors/Servos. Supports varying update rates (50Hz - 32kHz). Direct-drive brushed motors also supported with additional hardware (FETs).
  • 8 channel standard PWM RC input
  • CPPM (up to 12 channels) RC input
  • Second UART accessible for Spektrum Satellite RX or GPS
  • MicroUSB connector for firmware updating, configuration and telemetry
  • Max 5.5V power via servo connector (rev0-4, rev5acro), Max 16V power via servo connector (rev5)
  • Built in FrSky Telemetry converter (rev5)
  • Battery voltage monitoring and low-voltage alarm through telemetry/OSD/buzzer
  • External buzzer for alarm/user notification
  • 2 programmable status LEDs, 1 constant power LED
  • One 3.3V and one 5V-tolerant GPIO (rev5)

Hardware[edit | edit source]

  • 36x36mm 2 layer pcb, 30.5mm mounting pattern
  • STM32F103CxT6 CPU (32bit ARM Cortex M3, 72MHz, 64K/128K flash)
  • Invensense MPU6050 3-axis gyro (from rev4 onwards)
  • Honeywell HMC5883L digital compass
  • MEAS-SPEC MS5611-01BA03 pressure sensor (from rev4 onwards)
  • 16Mbit SPI flash memory (rev5)

Looptime[edit | edit source]


3500 = 286HZ

3000 = 333HZ

2500 = 400HZ

2000 = 500HZ

1500 = 600HZ

Where To Buy[edit | edit source]

Acro Naze

Full Naze