Mini 2.4g 200mW

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Information regarding the Richwave 2.4G analog video transmitter.

Channel selection[edit | edit source]

Channel selection is performed by connecting the given pin to ground. The one closest to the edge is "BX". When grounded, BX=1, otherwise BX=0. Note that a solder blob will ground the channel to the rail near the via.

For example, if you want to use 2390MHz, you would add a solder blob across the second pin from the "audio in" below (labeled 2450) and remove the solder blob from the pin to the furthest right (BX).

Frequency Point






1 1 0 0 2414Mhz 2490Mhz
2 0 1 0 2432Mhz 2510Mhz
3 0 0 1 2450Mhz 2390Mhz
4 0 0 0 2468Mhz 2370Mhz

Picture[edit | edit source]